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Here’s How Your Family Can Make This Year’s School Breaks the Best Yet 

Taking extended breaks throughout the year is important. You and your kids need breaks so that you can have fun and recharge doing things unrelated to your regular educational routine. And if you heed this advice from Wheels Across the Prairie Museum, you can plan for the most fulfilling school breaks ever this year!


Schedule Your Breaks

If you want to ensure that your family has a great time during their breaks this year, you must ensure that you schedule them! If your kids are in public schools, breaks are already set in stone. For homeschoolers, however, the advantage is that you can choose when to take an extended break.

You could either go the traditional route and schedule breaks throughout the holidays and season changes or simply take a vacation whenever you and your child need it. The key is to put it on paper, however, so that you can start your adventure off with structure!

Part of the schedule is being sure you have all your work-related tasks checked off before heading out. You don’t want your vacation time to be disrupted by calls, texts or emails from work because of a pending deadline or employees that hadn’t been told you would be away. Remember to leave work at work, where it belongs – it will be there when you return.


Venture Out                            

You know how big Minnesota is and how much it has to offer. That's why it is one of the best places in the world to take a road trip! Whether you want to go to a destination a couple of hundred miles away or to the next town, driving is the most affordable and convenient way to travel. If your family hits the road, the American Safety Council notes that proper planning and preparation helps ensure that you get to your destination without issues and enjoy some fantastic scenery along the way, granted you don’t have a breakdown.

If you choose to take a road trip, make sure you have all the gear you need to keep your kids occupied so that everyone can have a fun and peaceful experience. For example, consider investing in a tablet that will allow your child to play games and watch their favorite shows and movies. And research kids' smartwatches to see if that is something that could benefit your family. The newest models make it easy for parents to monitor and control the content on the smartwatches, and they come with safety features like GPS and medical ID. 

Before you leave on your trip, be sure to prepare your home for your time away. Double check that all the doors and windows are locked, turn the security system on, and set the timers on lights for added security. Also do a deep clean throughout the house so you won’t have to tackle that chore upon your return; you don’t want the thought of messy rooms distracting you from the time you should be “in the moment” with the family.


Prepare Your Backyard    

You don't have to leave home to have a fabulous time during school breaks this year. Consider all the activities you can do, and prepare your backyard for them. For example, if your property does not have a fence, you can connect with local contractors to install one.

Along with keeping your children safe, having a quality fence will also keep out pests and add curb appeal to your home. Use online service directories like Angi and Houzz sites to find professionals that specialize in fence installation, and compare several companies. Costs will vary based on the location and size of the fence, the materials used, and the specific costs of labor each contractor charges.


Stick Around      

Once your home is prepared, start planning activities for your family. There is no shortage of things that you and your children can enjoy without spending a lot of money. For example, KOA explains that you could set up camp in the backyard, complete with a bonfire, ghost stories, and stargazing. You could set up an outdoor movie marathon or even a volleyball net to host a neighborhood tournament. If you want to stay inside throughout the break, you could always plan a scavenger hunt, a family cook-off, or bring out the classic board games (e.g., UNO, Rummikub, No Stress Chess, etc.).

You and your children must be able to relax and recharge if you're going to get the most out of their educational experience and life. Consider the tips above as you set the stage for the best school breaks you've ever had. Make sure your home is ready if you choose to have a staycation and keep looking for other fun activities that will keep the entire family healthy and happy!


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